Your Clipper, even more exclusive.

The my-CLIPPER project was born with the intention of offering an added value to those who decide to buy a new lighter.

We believe in the potential of personalization

In a world where customization has established itself as a growing trend, my-CLIPPER offers you the possibility to create the perfect product for you, without setting limits to creativity and inventiveness, in an extremely fluid and simple way.

With us you have the guarantee of originality

my-CLIPPER is part of the CLIPPER Italia family. Our customization service is approved by the parent company in Italy and the headquarters in Spain and is recognized as the only official one, as well as all our collections.
Choosing an original product is always the right choice!

Only here you can find the most exclusive collections

Our collections are produced in limited editions and the graphics are printed in Italy, respecting the highest quality standards. We could define my-CLIPPER as the "black label" of the CLIPPER brand. 

VIP Collection

VIP Collection

We thought the VIP Collection to offer you the best that a CLIPPER lighter can offer. The graphics are printed on lighters with a particular texture and give a relief effect that further ennobles it; to embellish it all we added a single pack for display with a design that extends and amplifies the one printed on the lighter placed inside.

Special Edition

Our Special Editions are collections designed with all of you who follow us, your passions and interests in mind. They are lighters that come to life from the creativity of our graphic designers and the minds of national and international artists who collaborate with us. Sometimes the collections deal with themes linked to current events and trends, which makes them even more exclusive and sought-after, because here we want to be always on the ball! 

Clipper Selection

On you can buy exclusively the best of the official Clipper Italia collections. Our "Clipper Selection" catalogue is a collection of the collections that have been most successful among our fans. These lighters are extremely hard to find and highly sought after by collectors, often the result of prestigious collaborations between Clipper and other brands.